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Mike-African Unemployed Millionaire

The choices we make today might affect the entire generations coming after us

About-Mike-African Unemployed Millionaire

Mike- African Unemployed Millionaire, was born on the 19 of April 1976 in the villages of Zimbabwe. He grew up in the remote villages of Gutu-Zimbabwe in abject poverty. Only stepped into the capital city of Harare when he was 19 years of age, first time to see a traffic robot and having access to a television set.

By the grace of God, Mike- African Unemployed Millionaire decided to take a path to financial freedom at the age of 21 years on completion of his Plastics Technology Diploma. From his initial capital of US$300.00 equivalence he rose to handle his first US$100 000.00 cash at the age of 25years. To God be the glory.

Many friends and family of different educational, social and gender status consulted him how he got to this success. Unfortunately, due to protection of his business intellectual information, income and many constrains emanating from the people’s backgrounds he could only help a few. The number of people looking to be assisted and mentored increased each time and stage of his success. Still not many could be assisted. The main constraint was capital and experience of the individuals amongst other challenges.

In the wake of everything; due to the economical challenges in Zimbabwe and other personal investment mistakes Mike lost money in his enterprises. It became a rollercoaster of making money and lose money. For over two decades, he was looking for an investment opportunity that could become a life-saver and an opportunity to help others have financial freedom. One of the characteristics of this opportunity was:

  1. An opportunity that gives time and money
  2. An opportunity that could be shared without losing business to the people he shared with
  3. An opportunity that could be passed from generation to generation
  4. An opportunity that was with a solid company tried and tested with more than a decade track record.
  5. An opportunity with a company that had many winners
  6. An opportunity which one could start with a small amount and be able to earn more than six figure income without reinvesting more money
  7. An opportunity that one could done part-time, on spare-time or full time

That prayer was answered! This is an opportunity I have been praying for all these years. Am proud to take you along with confidence and certainty!

I saw this opportunity on the 19 of January 2018 and life is now different. Out of many benefits here is a few of those benefits this opportunity has given me:

  1. Financial and time freedom
  2. Traveling the world for free
  3. Helping many across the world into financial freedom
  4. Getting paid 5x in a month, thus 60 times in a year
  5. Now a full-time dad to my children and have become a husband-executive to my wife (time and money permitting this)

Am looking to help many achieve same if not more. It doesn’t matter your education, your age (as long as you are 18 and above), which country you are in or your ethnic group. My call is to help many. You are already with the right person right investment opportunity vehicle. I look to meet you soon physically or online.